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Five Ways to Increase Likes on Your Fan Page

Studies have shown that Facebook fans are more likely to spend money with your brand then customers that are not fans. Likes drive revenue and profit! With that in mind, we’ve put a list of five ways to help you get more likes for your fan page.

Tell your friends to like you!

Make sure you let everyone you actually know on Facebook that your business needs more likes, and that you would appreciate it if they visited your business page. It’s an easy way to get started and build an initial following.

Interact with your customers

This is probably the biggest way to generate likes. It may sound obvious, but when people “like” your business, they genuinely like your business, and like you as well. If they know that the people behind the business are receptive to their wants and needs, customers will like you. Regularly responding to comments on your wall not only will help you gain more likes, but helps you have a better understanding of what your customers’ needs are.

Put up a like gate

Pagemodo offers users the ability to put up a “like gate” or essentially a cover that hides content. It will only be removed when a person likes that page. If you hide tantalizing things behind the like gate such as a coupon or some other kind of special offer, you may very well generate many more likes. We feel a like gate is one of the most effective ways to generate high like totals, particularly if it is hiding something interesting underneath!

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